At first glance, I mistook your name for Khaleesi. I don’t remember the first poem I read of yours, but I remember the fire that engulfed my skin. You are a reminder that my body is allowed to be a match and my voice is able to burn louder than the mouth of a dragon.

You are a reminder that has helped me understand that if you unwrap my body, it is more than what meets the eye. My veins are woven with my lungs and veins and heart and poems to let everyone and myself know that I am not a mistake or an apology. I am a statement of what it means to be alive.

You are right, my voice will crack, but it is not broken. I will fall, but I will not shatter. I will clench my fists and bruise my insides if that is the price that I must pay for feeling too much.

I am a reflection of beauty and fear, but you taught me that you must not forget that although you will spit your teeth out and bite your jaw, it is okay to wrap yourself around the sky and cry out to the moon and watch as your skin oozes charcoal.

I am a statement. I am not an apology. I am a kaleidoscope.

How to be a Kaleidoscope: A poem for Kharla,” n.a   (via sailingaugust)

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The scariest Pumpkin I’ve seen this year! 

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damn, tyra. you might as well just write “i fuckin hate u” on the paper and give her that.



Lorenzo Mattotti

I love this! Lorenzo Mattotti also illustrated a new Neil Gaiman book from toon-books!

This is wonderful.

What a fucking cockblock